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Ingliz tili kitobi BONK. 1-2.

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Ingliz tili kitobi BONK 1-2. 1 DONASI 18000 SOM.


Ingliz tili kitob va disklari(Английский)

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для улучшения разговорный речи английские книги с дисками


Книга английских сказок для детей Ertaklar kitobi

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НОВЫЙ YANGI Сборник английских сказок для детей Москва 2007 Издательство «Эксмо» ПИСАТЬ В TELEGRAM/ WHATSAPP GA YOZING


Headway beginner student book

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Headway Beginner student book john and lizz


New Headway intermediate student`s book

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Продается New Headway intermediate student`s book .


Продам New Headway 4th Edition - Все уровни. Цветные.

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Продам НОВЫЕ New Headway 4th Edition - Все уровни. Цветные в отличном переплете. Students and Workbook. Цены зависит от объема. Students Book+ Workbook (Beginner, Elementary) - 55.000 сум Students Book + Workbook (Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, upper Intermediate and Advanced) - 60.000 cyм Workbook audio + 15.000 сум Students Book audio +30.000 сум * Beginner * Elementary * Pre-Intermediate * Upper-Intermediate * Advanced Год выпуска: 2014 г. Автор: John and Liz Soars Издатель: Oxford University Press Язык курса: Английский Описание: The world's best-selling English course - a perfectly-balanced syllabus with a strong grammar focus, and full support at all six levels. With its proven methodology, Headway is the course you can always trust. The strong grammar focus, clear vocabulary syllabus and integrated skills work give you lessons that really work in class. Constant updates mean the material is always current, and with a huge range of components available - including new digital resources for interactive whiteboards - you've always got support where you need it. Complete Student's Book plus audio and answer keys. Complete Workbook plus audio and answer keys. Brand-new documentary-style video with class worksheets. Customizable Grammar PowerPoint® presentations. Built-in tools personalize interactive lessons. Key features: • Clear focus on grammar. • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus. • Real-world speaking skills - Everyday English, Spoken English, Music of English. • Digital resources for interactive whiteboards - New Headway iTools. • Full teacher support - resources, photocopiables, tests and more - in print and online. Headway iTools gives you complete flexibility when you want digital resources for the interactive classroom. Название товара: New Headway 4 th edition books (OXFORD);